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The Syntax Sin Tax is a chiptune/synth music project helmed by Steven Hendren of southern California, USA. Incorporating sounds from the Nintendo NES/Famicom, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color game systems, the primary focus of the Syntax's music is on creating intensely melodic and emotive retro-style chiptunes that mix a variety of musical influences into a dynamic and energetic auditory fusion. While The Syntax Sin Tax is built around a classic chip vibe, Steve is always looking to incorporate new sounds, instruments, and instrumentation into the mix to subtley and organically expand the established style.

  The Syntax Sin Tax's latest album, "Eucatastrophe," combines the sounds of the Famicom's 2A03 microchip with a variety of heavy metal and rock guitar styles. This new release manages to strike an effective balance between catchy melodies and rhythmic intensity, which ultimately culminates in the 17-plus minute progressive chipmetal exploration that is the album's final eponymous track. Built around the theme of finding hope when all seems lost and life in the midst of death, the sprawling "Eucatastrophe" represents The Syntax Sin Tax's most daring, technnical, and personal work to date.  


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